It's OFFICIAL!!! SWFC Bachelor of Education Programs are State Approved!

Have you ever been interested in being part of a career that focuses on making a positive change in the future? Are you a life-long learner? Now is the time for you to take that challenge and enroll in the Bachelors of Elementary (K-6) with ESOL endorsement program or the Bachelors of Early Childhood Education (Ages 3-Grade 3)with ESOL endorsement at SWFC! Our programs are now State of Florida approved by the Florida Bureau of Educator Recruitment. Just click on the link below for more information and make sure to come by and see Ms. Wahoff at the Fort Myers campus for more information regarding these rewarding programs being offered.


Current Education students, tell us how much your are enjoying your experiences! I would really love to hear from you all!

Mr. Manny Maestre

Southwest Florida College is an accredited, private institution of higher learning that is listening to employers and providing its students with lifetime placement assistance in today’s most demanding career fields. The college is located in Fort Myers, Tampa, Port Charlotte and Bonita Springs. The Institute of Interior Design is also located within the Bonita Springs campus. For more information, call toll free 888‐279-2342 or visit www.swfc.edu.


  1. My experience at the Southwest Florida College in the Education Department has been outstanding. The professors in the Education Department go out of their way to help us become better teachers and rest of the staff go out of their way to help you succeed in other areas that are required at SWFC. Thank you SWFC for all your hard work and dedication.

  2. kathryn.kyle@student.swfc.eduMarch 23, 2011

    AA Early Childhood Education
    BA Elementary Education
    i will be getting ESOL endorsment

    I have had nothing but GREAT learning experiences at SWFL College. It is only my second term, and I have already had the opportunity to observe for several hours in classrooms! I also got the opportunity to interact with the children at centers time. So far, I have learned what to look for while observing, how to record my observations, and what kinds of conclusions I could make based on the observations. I didn't think that I would get ANY opportunity like this until I was much further along in my education! This is what I LOVE about SWFL College! The teachers prepare you for your careers, even starting from the first semester. Yes, the teachers want you to know the "information," but their main goal is to teach you HOW TO APPLY the knowledge.
    In addition, The Education Club offers a great opportunity to get involved. We have opportunities to go to education conferences every year. Last year was my first time.I learned a LOT and had a blast!!! I am planning on going this coming fall, too.
    At my previous college, I felt like I was just a “number.” That isn’t the case here, though.
    Everyone is so friendly at SWFL College that it makes me feel like I am right at home.
    The teachers are awesome! All of the instructors take the time to get to know each of their students. They always go ABOVE and BEYOND for each of their students. They care about their students and want them to achieve their personal and career goals. I have developed great relationships with teachers and students so far. I talk to my peers about what we are learning in class, what our career goals are, and how we will achieve them in the future.
    I could not have a more fun and enjoyable learning experience at any another college than what I have had so far at SWFL College. I highly recommend SWFL College to anyone and especially all of the education programs to prospective education students :-)

  3. I absolutely made the right decision to attend SWFC. The instructors are exceptional and actually care about you. The classes are the perfect size, and I actually look forward to going to class! I thank SWFC and its educators for everything they do. I would also like to thank all of the educators involved in the elementary education program. I am fully enjoying my education!