Congratulations Education Club Officers!

Southwest Florida College Education Club Officers reached their goal to put a pencil in every child’s hand at two local Title 1 elementary schools!

Southwest Florida College Education Club Officers will be making a donation of pencils in time for use with the FCAT to Patriot Elementary and Colonial Elementary on Friday, April 1. The Education Club had a goal to sell enough candy bars in order to profit enough funds to purchase pencils for at least two local Title 1 schools. The members of the Southwest Florida Education Club who are responsible for the donations are: Stacy Hernandez, Donna Lauricella, Jennifer Lee, Kalina Arter, and Debbie Trembley.

Southwest Florida College is an accredited, private institution of higher learning that is listening to employers and providing its students with placement assistance in today’s most demanding career fields. The college is located in Fort Myers, Tampa, Port Charlotte and Bonita Springs. The Institute of Interior Design is also located within the Bonita Springs campus. For more information, call toll free 888‐279-2342 or visit www.swfc.edu.

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