Southwest Florida College Announces New Programs in Information Technology

Southwest Florida College announced two new program offerings today in the information technology field. Students can begin enrolling into the new programs, which begin on June 27.

Recent additions include the new Bachelor’s of Science Degree program in Information Technology and Security Systems and a new Associate’s of Science Degree program in Network Engineering and Administration.

The new Information Technology and Security Systems bachelor’s degree program is available at the Fort Myers and Tampa campuses. This program is focused on preparing students to obtain knowledge in the preservation of information assets. Students will become skilled in the identification of computer security vulnerabilities and develop a level of specialization in information security beyond what is provided by more general programs.

The program allows students sufficient time to explore the issues and technologies of computer and network security and develop the skills needed to design or troubleshoot an organization’s security systems procedures, standards, protocols, and policies, as well as ensure that operational security is in compliance with standards, policies, and laws.

Many of the core courses apply directly to the industry standard certifications such as: CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco. Coursework includes advanced project management, network security, security systems, computer forensics and investigations, advanced network forensics, client-server network operating systems, digital home technology integration, routers and network security.

The new Network Engineering and Administration associate’s degree program is available at all of the Southwest Florida College campuses which include Fort Myers, Tampa, Bonita Springs and is now also available in Port Charlotte. This program will provide students with principles and terminology of Networking Technology. Students will apply their knowledge through hands-on, real world scenarios and simulation using current Network Technology. Courses included in this program will also provide a strong base for students wanting to obtain positions in IT Security.

Many of the core courses apply directly to the industry standard certifications such as: CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco. Topics within the program will include virtual servers, cloud computing, IT Forensics, and Digital Home Integration Technology.

These new programs are consistent with Southwest Florida College’s mission, as they will prepare graduates for employment in entry-level positions within their field.

For more information on any of these new programs, or to find out more about Southwest Florida College, please call 1-877-455-0107 today to speak with an administrations representative or visit www.swfc.edu.

About Southwest Florida College
: Southwest Florida College is an accredited, private institution of higher learning that is listening to employers and providing its students with placement assistance in today’s most demanding career fields. The college is located in Fort Myers, Tampa, Port Charlotte and Bonita Springs. The Institute of Interior Design is also located within the Bonita Springs campus. For more information, call 1-877-455-0107 or visit www.swfc.edu.


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